Property Acquisition

Devonhirst proactively seeks out new property investments that are anticipated to outperform the broader market in the long run. Our acquisitions group specializes in proprietary and off-market transactions, primarily targeting properties with a value-add or opportunistic profile across various property types.
Property Acquisition

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Commercial Real Estate

Devonhirst stands as the leading talent platform for commercial real estate acquisitions professionals. Renowned companies rely on Devonhirst to connect with highly skilled freelance and contract acquisitions experts for their most crucial and mission-critical positions.

Investment Analysis

Our property investment analysis experts evaluate the financial viability and potential return on investment of a real estate property. It encompasses a thorough examination of various factors, such as market conditions, property location, rental income, operating expenses, financing options, and projected cash flows.

Portfolio Expansion

A property portfolio expansion service assists investors in strategically growing their real estate holdings. This service involves identifying potential investment opportunities, conducting market research, and providing expert guidance on property selection and acquisition. By leveraging the service, investors can expand their portfolio in a targeted and efficient manner, diversifying their assets and maximizing their investment potential.

Value Indication

Our dedicated and professional team provides an approximate assessment of what a property could be worth in the current market. While it may not be as precise as a formal appraisal, it serves as a useful tool for property owners, buyers, and investors to gain a general understanding of a property's value before making decisions related to buying, selling, or refinancing.